East Carolina University Fall Field School Journal on the MUA

September 13, 2006

We started the Museum of Underwater Archaeology (MUA) in order to encourage underwater archaeologists to use the Internet to share their work with as wide an audience as possible. We started with museum exhibits and then added brief updates from those currently working on field projects. This blog was created to help foster related discussions about underwater archaeology and web technology. While we’re happy with these additions we wanted to take the public deeper and share what it’s like to participate in a graduate field school.

East Carolina University’s Program in Maritime Studies agreed with us that public outreach is an important element in working with submerged cultural resources and decided to provide a view into how they train future underwater archaeologists. Dr. David Stewart is directing the 2006 fall field school that is currently underway in North Carolina. His graduate students are working in the Pamlico River at this time. Each day a different graduate student is responsible for writing their impressions of the project and submits them to the MUA for posting in an online project journal. We invite you to check in daily and read their informal entries to see how things are progressing, what they’re learning, how they are trained, what tasks go well, and what problems they encounter.

While this is not the first time ECU has posted their field school entries online it is the first time this particular group of students has had the chance to share their personal experiences in the field via the Internet in near real time. We hope you enjoy reading about their entries.



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