The MUA in 2007

January 10, 2007

Now that the holidays have come and gone I thought it was time for an update. I always worry when we haven’t posted anything for a while that folks will think we’ve run out of steam. Nothing could be further from the truth. 2006 was a great year for us at the MUA. We launched a new version of the site, added six new projects to the “In The Field” section, this blog, and the “Project Journal” featuring East Carolina University’s Program in Maritime Studies (which itself included 26 journal entries, 15 videos, a survey, and learning assessment article).

Our visitation increased ten fold and reached 76 countries around the world. How did we do this? Simply put: collaboration. None of this would be possible without it. We have been blessed by friends and colleagues that have shared our enthusiasm for putting ethical underwater archaeology and maritime history online. If we hope to encourage and educate the general public about the preservation of submerged cultural resources doing this is a must.

So what is in store for the MUA in 2007? In the coming months we’ll launch not one but two new project journals including an underwater archaeological field school hosted at Flinders University in Australia and an inside look at East Carolina University graduate student Michelle Damian’s research on Japanese vernacular craft. In addition we are working on a bibliographic research tool that will make available potentially thousands of research reports that are currently relatively inaccessible (we will announce more details on this in the near future). Finally we will continue to seek out and encourage more underwater archaeologists to present their work online either through their own web sites or through our “In The Field” or “Exhibits” sections.

Consider this your invitation to work with us and share your research with the world. The MUA wishes everyone a happy and safe new year!

T Kurt Knoerl
Managing Director
The Museum of Underwater Archaeology

– We hope to see you all at this week’s SHA 2007 Conference on Historical and Underwater Archaeology in Williamsburg, VA.


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