Two Project Journals Off to a Great Start

February 9, 2007


2007 is off to a busy start for the MUA. We recently started not one but TWO online journal projects. The first is ECU graduate student Michelle Damian’s running description on her MA research on Japanese wooden boats as depicted in wood block prints. This is a very cool project as the general public and professionals all have a chance to see how she is studying ship construction through the analysis of art. But more than just giving us the play by play Michelle is reaching out to a world wide audience (30 countries so far!) and asking for comments, questions, and suggestions – and she’s getting them (see her acknowledgments page for a list of generous supporters who have offered useful advice). This has the potential to change the way graduate students do research and writing. Michelle is harnessing the collaborative nature of the Internet. You can see her site here:


Our other journal is the Flinders University Field School currently underway. The students are writing daily entries about there work near Encounter Bay in southern Australia. It has been interesting for us to see an overwhelming visitor response and for the first time we have had more visitors from outside the United States than from within. That’s an interesting trend. We’re searching for more international sites to feature either through project journals, In The Field briefs, or full scale exhibits. The Flinders field school, run this year by Jennifer McKinnon, has reached out to the world and invited them in to see how underwater archaeologists are trained down under. Check them out here:


Although the Flinders project journal will only run for two weeks it will remain online for future reference just like last year’s East Carolina University journal. Never fear, we have more entries from Michelle coming up as well as some other graduate student projects we hope to bring your way in the coming weeks. Stay tuned!




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