Using the Collaborative Power of the Internet for Underwater Archaeology Museums

November 6, 2007

One of the primary goals for the Museum of Underwater Archaeology is to encourage Underwater Archaeologists to use the Internet to share their research with the world.  We also want to highlight what Internet tools are available for those folks who want to dive into the cyber ocean themselves.  To that end we have featured links and articles about Internet tools on our blog.  Today, however, we have incorporated a freely available Internet tool from  Google Maps.  Last spring our audience let us know through our online survey (another freely available tool) that they wanted to see more maps to show where different projects were taking place.  Today we have posted a new way to navigate our site.  You can now view a world map and select what project you’d like to see based on its geographic location.  It’s an especially great way for younger students to see what work is taking place around the world.

In addition we have reorganized our home page to make it easier to see all of our content in one place (another great user suggestion).  In the future we hope to create ways to let the viewer organize the page based on their own interests.

We will continue to explore the many freely available software tools for databases, museum exhibits, photo slideshows, bibliographies, time lines, and more.  Stay tuned and check out our new look and organization.

Look for the map under our “New to the MUA” section found here:


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