New Discoveries and a New Entry for the Lake Ontario Maritime Cultural Landscape Journal

February 26, 2008


Texas A&M PhD student Ben Ford reports in his latest journal entry that last summers work on Lake Ontario identified 21 sites, the vast majority of which were not previously recorded. These sites ranged from the Middle Archaic Period (at least 5000 years ago) to the late 19th century. Ben is now gearing up for the upcoming season. Check out his latest entry here: http://www.uri.edu/artsci/his/mua/project_journals/bf/bf_2-26.shtml

Call for MUA volunteers:
The MUA is currently looking for volunteers interested in expanding our coverage of underwater projects from around the world. We are looking for project coordinators for Africa, South America, and Europe. If you’re interested in working with us to help underwater archaeologists bring their projects (and your own) to the public’s attention please contact us at: research@themua.org

We are also looking for educators that are interested in helping us continue to develop our education kits and programs. Interested individuals can contact us at education@themua.org

Best regards,

T Kurt Knoerl


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