A New Exhibit – Raising the Fleet: an Art Science Initiative

August 25, 2009

homelinkThe MUA is proud to announce the launch of a new fully developed exhibit entitled: Raising the Fleet: an Art / Science Initiative. This innovate project conducted in Lake George, New York brings together underwater archaeology, cell biology, and art in a multidisciplinary study.

Viewers might ask how these three fields can intersect, but artist Elinor Mossop fails to see how they cannot. The sunken remains of British bateaux and the single celled creatures that inhabit the lake bed are all part of the same environment.

The artwork created as a result of this endeavor is on display in three venues; at the Lake George Arts Project Gallery (opening today 8/25/09), on easels resting on the lake bed near sunken British bateaux, and online at the MUA.

We’re proud to take part in such an unusual and creative effort. The web exhibit includes information on the historical background of the colonial sites involved, the methodology used to collect the data and create the artwork, a video about the project, and of course the artwork itself. We hope you enjoy the new exhibit which can be seen here:



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