The Australian Historic Shipwreck Protection Project Receives Grant

June 14, 2011

Mark Staniforth has sent word that he along with Chief Investigators: Prof Peter M Veth, Mr Anthony J Barham and Partner Investigators: Dr Ian MacLeod, Vicki Richards will working on:The Australian historic shipwreck protection project: the in situ preservation and reburial of a colonial trader – Clarence (1850) LP110200184

Project Summary

The project will use cutting-edge technology to study and preserve an early colonial shipwreck at risk and develop a world-class strategy for the reburial and preservation of endangered historic shipwrecks. The project will help develop new national policy and technical guidelines for site managers of historic shipwrecks and offer new insights into colonial shipbuilding.

The project was awarded:

ARC Linkage Grant

2011 $150,000.00
2012 $210,000.00
2013 $100,000.00
2014 $ 40,000.00

Partner/Collaborating Organisation(s)  Australian National Maritime Museum, Department of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities, Department of the Chief Minister , NSW Department of Planning, Norfolk Island Museum, Northern Territory Government, Parks and Wildlife Service, Tasmania, QLD Department of Environment and Resource Management,
THE AUSTRALASIAN INSTITUTE FOR MARITIME ARCHAEOLOGY, Victoria Department of Planning and Community Development, Western Australian Museum

Administering Organisation The Australian National University

Congratulations to the team.


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