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Google Art Project and the MUA Maritime Art Gallery

February 8, 2011

Google recently announced a new online initiative called “Art Project” in
which they partnered with 17 art museums around the world and placed high
resolution images online for the public to explore. Each piece includes
viewing notes (click the <<i symbol), information about the artist, and
links to more images by the artist across museums. In addition the
website allows viewers to create their own collection of images selected
from any of the museums.

The MUA has taken advantage of that feature and created a collection
within the Google Art Project of the 41 maritime related images we found
across all 17 museums. We will update the MUA gallery whenever new
museums are added to the project . We invite you to explore this virtual
maritime art museum by clicking on the link on our home page at:



What Can Art Teach Us About Maritime History and Ship Construction?

June 4, 2008

Japanese maritime historian and underwater archaeologist Michelle Damian continues her online journal detailing the research and writing of her MA thesis on Japanese wooden boats as depicted in woodblock prints. After completing her first year of PhD studies she is taking the summer to dive back into writing her MA thesis. Her new post shares some of what she has learned over the last year giving readers another peek at how future maritime historians and underwater archaeologists are trained. To view her new post click entry number 8 “Returning” in the left menu.

Also new on the site…

Amer Kahn of Flinders university wraps up his post on training underwater archaeologists in Sri Lanka. Amer worked with UNESCO to train future trainers in that regions efforts to preserve there submerged cultural resources. Select “Final Update” in the left menu to see the wrap up entry here:

The MUA is proud to spread the word about the important work done in an area of the world that has received little attention in the west.

Up Next…

New projects, training videos for the MUA school kits, and updates from around the world all coming soon. It’s going to be a busy summer.

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T Kurt Knoerl
The Museum of Underwater Archaeology