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Using Social Utilities to Reach a Wider Audience

July 24, 2008

As part of our mission to share ethical underwater archaeological research
with the general public we have created a group page on Facebook. We hope
to reach a new audience through this medium by reaching out to groups who
perhaps know little about what we do. Why are we telling you since you’re
already visiting the MUA?

Our Facebook group allows visitors to upload their own videos, photos,
links, discuss topics, and ask questions. So if you’d like to let people
know about you and your work without doing a formal web post this could be a
great option for you. An additional benefit is that through issuing
invitations to your Facebook “friends” you can help spread the word about
preserving submerged cultural resources.

To join our Facebook group you will need your own Facebook account. It’s
free and easy to join. Once you’ve done that just search groups for “Museum
of Underwater Archaeology (MUA)” and click join.

You’ll be surprised by just how many folks you know who have already joined.