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Emanuel Point II Update

July 21, 2009

wfhomeThe underwater archaeology field school in Florida continues with two new
posts. The entries cover new discoveries on the 16th century wreck,
Emanuel Point II while other teams search for a third wreck from the same
period. You can view the new posts here:


The next few weeks will be busy ones at the MUA with several new posts by
other researchers from around the world so check back soon.


A New Site and New Finds on a 16th Century Wreck

July 7, 2009

wf6_homeUniversity of West Florida field school students have posted two new
entries on their project journal. In the first new post they describe
finding a schooner in 7 feet of water near the shore in Pensacola Bay.
They have already posted a site plan of the wreck. In the second new
entry another group of students continued their work on the 16th-century
wreck, Emanuel Point II. They have posted a slide show of some recent
discoveries including bones, seeds, and what may be cross bow bolts.

You can see their two new entries here:

In other news…

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What does one find on a 16th century shipwreck in Florida waters?

June 23, 2009

week4tmbThe latest post by the University of West Florida’s underwater archaeology students helps answer that question. Get a recap of last week’s events and take a closer look at some of the artifacts discovered on the Emanuel Point II wreck.

You can view the post by clicking here:


Underwater Videos Added to West Florida Online Project Journal

July 15, 2008

Hey all:

The West Florida University summer field school online project journal has been updated with a new post containing several short videos showing the students working underwater. The videos offer non divers (and those who only dive in clear water) a look at what it’s like to work in low visibility conditions.


Underwater Archaeologists in Training Explore 16th Century Shipwreck

June 25, 2008

This week students at West Florida University transitioned their research focus from the 19th century to the 16th century. Field school operations were held in Pensacola Bay on the second vessel found from Tristan de Luna’s 1559 colonization attempt. The second vessel, Emanuel Point II (EPII), will be a major focus for this summer’s field school.

You can read the first of their two latest entries here:


Underwater photos and new information from Carleton Island and Barrett Bay were posted in a new update to The Lake Ontario Maritime Cultural Landscape Project Journal