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Divers hope to identify 1812 warship in Lake Ontario

June 16, 2009

Dave Howe  of IMH provided us with a link to an interesting article on plans for a survey of what may be HMS Wolfe.

From The Province:

“A team of divers is set to plunge into Lake Ontario near Kingston, Ont., next week in a bid to confirm the discovery of a legendary Canadian-built ship from the War of 1812, the HMS Wolfe.”

You can view the full article here:


The Warship Hazardous Tracer Study

March 24, 2009
Sarah Holland prepares bricks for placement on the seabed.

Today we present the third part of Sarah Holland’s study on how the dynamic nature of the natural environment found at the warship Hazardous shipwreck site may have moved artifacts across the seabed during a single season. You can read Sarah’s post by clicking on the link on our main page here:


A New Video on the Saipan Survey

February 28, 2009

The Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands Department of Community and Cultural Affairs Historic Preservation Office has just released a video on the recent World War II Invasion Beaches Survey.  It gives a great overview of the project, it’s personnel, and the technology used to locate numerous targets in the waters off Saipan.  The surey located landing craft, planes, tanks, and naval vessels.  In fact over 1500 targets were recorded.  This project was featured in an MUA project journal last year.

You can view the video here:

The project journal can be viewed here:


Underwater Archaeology of World War 2 Invasion Beaches in Saipan

April 17, 2008

On June 15, 1944 US Marines stormed ashore beginning the Battle for Saipan. World War II tanks, landing craft, barges, ships, and material litters the waters. Today the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands on the Island of Saipan has brought in underwater archaeologists Jason Burns and Michael Krivor to inventory their submerged cultural resources. As part of their public outreach program Jason and Michael will post updates on how the project is proceeding.

You can read their first entry on the MUA here:

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