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Maritime and Underwater Cultural Heritage in Peru – By Carlos E. Ausejo

August 16, 2011

The Peruvian Centre for Maritime and Underwater Archaeology (CPAMS) was started at the end of 2010 and is currently made up of four founding members and an associate researcher. We intend to form a multidisciplinary team although at present we are still only archaeologists. The aim of the CPAMS is to promote scientific archaeological research in underwater maritime environments, rivers and lakes, their interaction areas on land as well as the impact that the maritime landscape has on society’s development over time. We seek to disseminate information on, protect, preserve, and conserve our natural and archaeological heritage that is distributed over the 2250km of the Pacific coastline, rivers, coastal and highland lakes and make it valued, by way of organizing educational programs for archaeologists as well as workshops on social development and awareness.

The importance of maritime and underwater archaeology in Peru lies in the extraordinary state of preservation of the materials which allows access to information not previously recorded (in the case of pre-Hispanic findings) as well as by contrasting findings with written sources. (Colonial and Republican era) Read the rest of this entry ?


Not Exactly a Diver’s Paradise: W. Florida Underwater Archaeology Students Work in Low Visibility

July 1, 2008

When most people think of diving in Florida they picture the warm clear waters of the Keys.  The West Florida University field school in underwater archaeology is operating under the decidedly different conditions surrounding the 16th century Emanuel Point II and the 19th century “Brick” shipwrecks.  For the latest update including a slide show of underwater photos showing working conditions on Emanuel Point II check out their online Project journal here:


In the News

December 13, 2007

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Here’s the latest:

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In the News (archive)

December 13, 2007

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11/18/2007World War 2 Ship Sunk to Create Reef
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